Ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris: Haropa is on course

Haropa (ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris) is doing well. The first half of the year is marked by excellent results in sectors with very high stakes. Cumulative seaborne container traffic has set a historic record on Haropa's hinterland (its area of ​​influence and economic attraction), with a total of more than 1 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent containers), That is + 1.1% compared to the first half of 2017. This increase is reflected in the growth of maritime container traffic by 12.6% in TEU. The hinterland traffic is the best at the end of June for 5 years. As for the market share of Haropa on the export of wheat and barley produced in France (2017-2018 season), it reached a record level of 50%, with a traffic growth of 75% compared to the previous campaign, generating a 22.5% increase in river traffic in cereals in Île-de-France. All cereals combined, the terminals of the port of Rouen operated 7 Mt during the 2017-2018 campaign, an increase of 75% compared to last year. This figure confirms the competitiveness of the port of Rouen (the leading European grain port), which accounts for nearly 50% of French wheat and barley exports. The new 2018-2019 campaign should confirm this good positioning in terms of market shares. The river traffic of cereals in Île-de-France is growing by 22.5%, mainly in connection with the supply of the port of Rouen. Another notable fact for Haropa: maritime traffic of aggregates, sands and gravel, is increasing dramatically from 55% to 900 000 t: it is driven by the restart of construction in the Paris region and Normandy. In this same sector, river traffic recovered significantly from April to 7.5 Mt, after a start of the year strongly affected by the flood (-2% at the end of June against -16% at the end of March) .

In France, wheat prices rise

The good news of the new season for grain farmers? The rise of wheat prices which gained 30% between the end of June and the end of August, with levels never reached since April 2014. "No one had envisaged such a rise," said the president of the Association General Producer, Philippe Pinta. "We have been waiting for this for 6 years". At stake, disappointing crops in Germany and Poland, but also in Ukraine or Russia, the two giants of the Black Sea. "For some farmers, price increases are a boon. But for others, the price effect will not offset the volume effect, "warns Eric Thirouin, the deputy secretary general of the FNSEA. In France, the harvest would reach 35 Mt this year, against 36.6 Mt last year and an initial estimate, before the heat wave of this summer, 38 Mt. Fortunately, for grain, quality will be at the rendezvous with a protein level and a specific weight beyond expectations. It will still be necessary to sell it: for the first time in 2017, French wheat has sold more in the European Union than in third countries. The catastrophic harvest of 2016 (28.6 Mt) has deterred many buyers from traditional markets in the southern Mediterranean, at a time when Russia was putting the turbo, both in quantity and quality. Two years after one of the worst harvests in history, French grain farmers have not reached the end of the tunnel yet.

Eureacoop equips itself with a new silo

The Eureacoop cooperative has just ordered from the I.C.C. project management office, a new 11,000t sheet pile silo on a flat bottom with ventilated return. The assembly of this silo began at the beginning of July 2018 in Savigneux (Loire). It will consist of 14 cells of 20 m height, a 30 m working tower, 3 bushels of loading and 2 receiving pits. Calculation, manufacture and assembly of the silo were entrusted to the company Silos Camail who also ensured the sizing and supply of the ventilation drain. The handling and the dust collection system are provided by the company Stolz, and the civil engineering package, by Eiffage Construction. Commissioning is scheduled for December 2018.

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Richard Girardot, new president of Ania

The succession at the head of Ania should mark a change of presidency on both the form and the substance; but the building sites of the association remain the same. Succeeding Jean-Philippe Girard, who has held two terms, Richard Girardot was elected president of the National Association of Food Industries. This pure Nestlé product marks the return of the big groups at the head of the association after several years when it was led by an SME manager, Eurogerm, in this case. In addition to this difference in entrepreneurial culture, this succession should be marked by a significant change in form. Often with a rougher approach than his predecessor, the new president had already signaled himself by very clear positions vis-à-vis large retailers, not hesitating to take part Michel-Edward Leclerc, probably with the approval of its Swiss parent company.


Celebrating 50 years in a few days, Ania still faces the same challenges: combating the growing suspicion of public opinion and media towards agri-food industries, restoring the margins of its companies by rebalancing relations improve the dynamism of SMEs, restore the attractiveness of the sector's trades or, again, boost exports that are insufficiently conquering.


There is no doubt that Richard Girardot will not be long in specifying his lines of action and surround himself with a team of members to try to meet these challenges. Note that Ania has just renewed its strategic partnership with AG2R La Mondiale, sign another one with Mérieux Nutrisciences on the analysis of emerging food risks and health crisis management tools and to announce - in concert with Coop de France, FCD, Feef and Greenflex - strengthening the functionality of the Valorise self-assessment platform to simplify CSR exchanges between suppliers and distributors.

What effects would a rise in French agricultural prices of 10%?

Of the 320 pages of report submitted to Parliament on 19 June, the Observatory of Pricing and Food Margins devoted 319 pages to the analysis of the situation in 2016 and 2017. A single page is risk to the prospective but it is worthy of interest. Because, at the request of the steering committee of the Observatory, it simulates the effect of a 10% increase in domestic agricultural prices on household food expenditure.

At a time when the law for the balance of commercial relations in the agricultural and food sector plans to give farmers the power to set their selling prices, this projection brings objective information to the debate. Even if the Observatory wishes to emphasize that this figure of 10% was chosen arbitrarily. Thus, if domestic farm prices increased by 10%, this would mechanically result in a 4.4% increase in the purchase expenditure on domestic food products. Prices for agri-food and beverage products would be up 3.6%. "What result in 2.7% increase in total food expenditure (including food and imported foods), and + 0.5% on total household spending, knowing that food accounts for 20% of household spending" , says the Observatory. This projection does not take into account the effect of the price increase on the volume of demand, but only the mechanical transmissions of this rise along the chain. "To achieve this, we simulate the rise in product prices of each industry that keeps its value added at the initial level. And we consider, moreover, that the rates of taxes and margins of trade and transport remain constant ", comment the editors. Another possible simulation: if the levels of taxes and margins remained constant, and no longer the rates, then the effect on prices would be further amortized: it would be close to + 2%, compared to + 2.7% in the previous scenario with a + 0.4% increase in total household spending.

Even as the raising of the resale threshold at a loss of 10% is already fearing a rise in prices and cry wolf consumer associations and the sign E. Leclerc, ball in the lead, such inflation would necessarily debate. Especially since it would be mechanically accompanied by an increase of at least 3% in the tariffs of agri-food manufacturers, without any other effect, moreover.


This scenario imagined by the Observatory is obviously totally hypothetical, but it at least has the merit of projecting all actors and observers of the food market in a scenario of improving the living conditions of upstream French producers and farmers.

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